The Maturing of the Virgin Land

by Peordh

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Mehtul Picked this up from my feed, thanks! The eclectic elements fit together really well. Favorite track: The Necks in the Bay II: Where the Trees Embrace the Flow.
Atmospheric Black Metal Cat
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Atmospheric Black Metal Cat Wow .. where to begin .This is certainly not for everyone , and is probably a grower for most that it eventually will be for . Really not any way to categorize this .. there are some black metal leanings in the the guitar arrangements and sounds , definitely some folk and ambient elements throughout , and vocals / weird whispers in places that will require patience ( again .. grower). It is also a massive slab of a musical project , bringing Shards of a Silver Fate to mind. With all of this said , I absolutely love this release . Each song has some great catches and hooks and the more you listen to it you can begin to see the artists' vision and appreciate the release and how it all fits together as a whole . A grower that I have come to really like and appreciate more each time I listen to it . This one was way off the beaten path and well worth it . Favorite track: The Blue Valley II: The Island Where the Two Homes Arrive.
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-=Part I: Tracks 1-10
-=Part II: Tracks 11-10
-=Recommended 30 minute intermission between parts.


released March 17, 2014


all rights reserved


Track Name: The Necks in the Bay I: Where the Sun's Reflection Pierces
Feel the light blue of the breeze
The steel grey of choppy waves
Down in the uninviting
Mouth of the river

Gaze into the shifting surface
The piercing reflections glimmer within
Patterns over patterns
A message


Clear and precise
It is open
It is blank
Blue surrounds the secret green
Track Name: The Necks in the Bay II: Where the Trees Embrace the Flow
Through the wispy woods
Golden, green, and red
The morning sun twinkles
Caught in the open expanse

The purest, endless azure
The richest, fullest green
Glistening and flowing
Shadows of cream
Track Name: The Necks in the Bay IV: Where the Sunset is the Land
Slow but light
You show your elegance
Heavy but fine
Jewels baking in heat

And the simmer of the night
Infinite roll of cicadas
Track Name: The Blue Valley I: High in the Fresh Skies
Everything is lighter
Everything is taller
The atmosphere rises

Grass is greener
Water is cleaner
The depth of the sky

Cool caress
Of rolling petals
Under the cradle

So calm
Yet so stern
Yet so distant
Track Name: The Blue Valley II: The Island Where the Two Homes Arrive
The walls
Of the valley
Deepen in the arcing light
Thick with primeval humming

Let the heat
Strengthen the vibrancy
Of a meandering character
Lost in thickets of rough moisture

Focus your energy
On your sheer slate
On which it will soon be written
Through your red garnets, see it

Red twilight behind the mountain
Your endless plains
Lie waiting
For the seeker of your secret corners

And your light
Billows over the dust creatures
Floating and wading
Until they are outshined by the stars
Track Name: The Fan of the Old Colony III: Maze of Fields
And the heat melts
Into a deep and dark rain
And the shadows come out
Roaming about silently
Under the overcast grey sky

And in the far distance
There is a misty gap
And the blotched rosy sky
Dances with the mist
Track Name: The Maturing of the Virgin Land I
Yes, give me the land
Where the ruins are spread,
And the living tread light
On the heart of the dead;
Yes, give me the land
That is blest by the dust,
And bright with the deeds
Of the down-trodden just.

Yes, give me the land
Where the battles' red blast
Has flashed on the future
The form of the past;
Yes, give me the land
That hath legends and lays
That tell of the memories
Of long-vanished days.

Yes, give me the land
That hath story and song
To tell of the strife
Of the right with the wrong;
Yes, give me the land
With a grave in each spot
And names in the graves
That shall not be forgot.

Yes, give me the land
Of the wreck and the tomb;
There's grandeur in graves—
There's glory in gloom.
For out of the gloom
Future brightness is born;
As, after the night
Looms the sunrise of morn.
Track Name: The Maturing of the Virgin Land II
And what of her survival?
And what of her being?
Track Name: The Maturing of the Virgin Land III
This land
It is still tender
And soft
And any scars
Run deeper because

But I can see
That this land
Its earth is ground
Into my skin
And its rocks
Build my bones

Maybe I am the one
Chosen to lead
And steer this ship
Of culture

Over the horizon
Of history
Into a new era
An old era
And bring her back home
Track Name: Fog Pours from the Moon Through the Yellow Dying Forest
(The rustle of half-dead trees
One foot in the pool of eternity
The moon watches...)
Track Name: The Old Dismal Swamp
(Away to the Dismal Swamp he speeds—
His path was rugged and sore,
Through tangled juniper, beds of reeds,
Through many a fen where the serpent feeds,
And man never trod before.

And when on the earth he sunk to sleep,
If slumber his eyelids knew,
He lay where the deadly vine doth weep
Its venomous tear and nightly steep
The flesh with blistering dew!

And near him the she-wolf stirr’d the brake,
And the copper-snake breath’d in his ear,
Till he starting cried, from his dream awake,
“Oh! when shall I see the dusky Lake,
And the white canoe of my dear?”

He saw the Lake, and a meteor bright
Quick over its surface play’d—
“Welcome,” he said, “my dear one’s light!”
And the dim shore echoed for many a night
The name of the death-cold maid.

Till he hollow’d a boat of the birchen bark,
Which carried him off from shore;
Far, far he follow’d the meteor spark,
The wind was high and the clouds were dark,
And the boat return’d no more.)

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