Glaring from Spacious Woods and Mountains of Eternal Frost

by Peordh

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Booklet notes:

Note to the listener: This is meant to be a continuation of An Obscure Forgotten Path and should be listened to with absolute attention; all symbols are on purpose—Find their meanings!
Written, recorded and produced by Drēogan, on & off, from Spring 2006 to Summer 2007.
All instuments played by Drēogan.
Drums engineered & recorded by Shawn at Red Cell Studio.
Lyrics written by Drēogan.
Lyrics for “Carried in Wakeless Flight” written by Henry David Thoreau.
Artwork by Drēogan & Z.
Dedicated to all who walk on their own «path» and refuse to compromise.


released December 24, 2007


all rights reserved


Track Name: Ācenning
Track Name: I Freely Roam
“I Freely Roam”

Ever feel the need to run through the trees
To gather the whispers of breeze upon breeze
Searching for the perfect ledge
To stalk thy enemies heads

Exploration and freewill
Uncharted territories unknown
Revealed to the persistent
Wayward spirit

Freely floating
Without pointless disturbance
Without all work in vain
For the life has meaning
A substance truer than material

The trees
The blades of grass
Grazing over the feet
Of a rested soul

And so I roam
In my life
Not the life of all
Who plague the Spiritless Realm

For what I find
Never touched by those common hands
Excels even the greatest imaginations

This is the life
The fullest of all
The greatest
One never falls!
Track Name: Winds That Never Fail
“«Winds» That Never Fail”

And so I stand
Upon the hill
And so rolls
The «winds of gods»

Restless are the «winds»
And as though I am cleansed
The «winds» pass my side
With the life of a thousand soldiers' battle chants

“Tiu, Teiwaz”

Here has it created
A new rising entity
Possessed by those strong
Of complete determination

So the «winds» bring «force»
«Force» of might and genius
To the created rising «god children»
They see all in their eyes

All is wiped of haze
Fully restored realization
This is the meaning of life
Brought through the might of rigorous «winds»
Track Name: An Unbroken Trust
“An Unbroken Trust”

I am not the fool
I know I do not break the rule
I live in the «gods' eyes»
Lasting and wise

The «gods» unhand their «power»: “Dælere!”
For the Greater Cause
I am trusted
And have trust in them

The raiders might return
But they do so as openly as the sea: “dægcuð!”
And lie under grim grin
And haunting watchful eye

For on the «throne»
Sits a «god»: “Wōden!”
With a mighty «eye»
All-seeing and wise

He knows when the time is right
To reduce the Spiritless Realm to infinite night
Track Name: The Cleansing Rains
“The Cleansing «Rains»”

From the depths of a «tree»
The «rains» cleanse the earth
And all negative thought
Strays and follows it

After these many days
Of continual «drought»
The «rains» come
Cleansing the «path»
The «pathway to golden halls»

All wēa is forgotten
New life, and new hope
All wāwa is forgotten
And we are whole again

For when Ancient Ways return
And there is no other
Life is ideal
Track Name: An Image of Truth
Track Name: Carried in Wakeless Flight
“«Carried in Wakeless Flight”

There is more day to dawn
The sun is but a morning star»

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